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Pop Singing Lessons and Performance Coaching

I - Pop Singing Lessons for Amatures and Profi's:

The Procedure:
1. Learning the Pop Vocal Techniques from the Original Pop Artist...
2. Training with the Original artists with instructions how the technique is achieved...
3. Recording the voice to the Playbacks...

II - Performance Coaching:
here things are covered like putting together a repertoir,
the length of the program etc.

The Procedure
1. Learning how to dress...
2. Learning how to move...
3. Learning the importance of using facial expressions...
4. Learning the hand movements...
5. Learning how to use the microphone...
6. Video Recordings...

As a Producer, Composer, Singing Coach and Performance Teacher, Big Daddy is a native american from California USA, where he studied Business Management and is
a Qualified Teacher from the Hamburger Konservatorium in Sulldorf, has over 30 years of teaching, recording and management experience. Has opened 3 music schools in Hamburg, now working privately in his home studio known as Big Daddy Studio
(Check my website for some examples of the singers I've trained and recorded...)

My students are musically trained according to their needs:
- just for fun ...
- for studio jobs ...
- for the stage ...

In all categories the students learn basicly the same elements of pop singing, the difference lying in the intensity, accuracy and deliverence of their performance...

The training is simple, fun and rewarding...

The training involves singing live in the studio to popular pop songs while having an experienced singing coach at your side to get the best possible voice recording.

The Playback library has over a 1000 songs so that there is plenty material to train with. The songs are categorizied according to their difficulty using the students present capabilities to the maximum plus learning new techniques so the student can develope with every new song.

The best part of this learning by doing experience is that the student never gets bored with tedious singing exercises and they get free songs, playbacks and a recording of every song they sung mixed on CD at no extra costs.

The most important aspect of this type of training is being able to hear your voice while learning and at home after the recording is finished so you can judge how the development in your voice is progressing. Plus the fact that you have something concrete in your hands to show your family, friends and maybe even a producer if you are aiming at a singing career...

I train every Pop singing style, from pop, musical, Jazz and Rap. I don't use any typical classroom Classical approch besides the normal breathing techniques but rather take the substance of the students voice and develope it by using the vowels of the language (German and English), mouth position and resonances from the chest and head to create their sound.

The typical Classical training involves using some singing techniques that can destroy the originality of the singers voice. Some voices are raw, some very throaty and some with nothing special. But learning from a classical approch requires knowing exactly what to leave out when training. A typical discrepancy is for example that the classic brings the
-head voice- down into the -breast voice- so that their is no break between the head and breast voice and exactly here begins one of the most common mistakes if not recognized.

Typical example would be to ask a classical teacher to sing for you the song ''Nothing Compare To You'' from Sinhead O'conner and explain to you how this Kip effect is achieved in the Chorus. It can't be done with the classical approch unless the teacher is well versed in pop singing techniques, unless they leave the classical approch for the pop approch.

Of coarse their are many examples, but you can't mix water and oil because even though they are both liquid they have different elements which only work under certain conditions.

Even though it is said that Mariah Carey has 5 Octaves that last octave using the ''Whistle Note'' registry this is untypical for the most pop singers. Most of the Pop singers use approx. 2 1/2 Octaves voice range in the Breast voice plus another Octave in the Head voice giving any one singer a
maximum of approx. 3 1/2 usable Octaves... Anything above this range reqiures years of training beginning straight from the childhood and is usually impossible for the late learner.

The registers breast/head/falsetto/Whistle Note
More info:

So basically what counts in pop singing is a matter of taking the God given voice sound and helping the singers develop their voice into its own unique sound so that the singer can be recognized immediately out of thousands of other singers. This is what castings agencies, producers and record companies are looking for.

While it's now a days extemely difficult to get a recording contract, it's not so difficult getting work for the stage if you can develope your own style of singing and an interesting repertoir and performance to satisfy your audience.

But to attain this the student must learn to sing many different pop songs and understand what singing techniques are involved in achieving at least the status quo in any of the particular pop styles.

This is where I come in giving the students the right songs to learn to help them develope at the fastest possible rate.

Naturally, covered in the lessons is the constant awareness of breathing correctly, how to develope the usable singing registers (Breast and Head voice), how to develope a good vibrato, as well as hearing out every used pop technique of a particular song for usage in their repertoir as well as their own songs if they also write their own lyrics.

Lastly, I can also write songs for you or produce your songs for the cost of normal singing lessons...

Lessons are individual, in English or German, rates are very reasonable...

Thanks for stopping by and reading some/all of this :=)
Hope To Greet You In My Studio



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  • Pop Singing Lessons and Performance Coaching

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