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Mini Cigarette (103mm)

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* No ignition and no fire hazard. Free of tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients.
* Humanized design, the temperature of the simulative smog is similar to that of the human body.
* No environmental pollution.The exhaled smoke is a kind of gas dispersoid. generated during the ato
* Mization of tobacco alkaloid liquid;so there is no harm from hence second-hand smoke.
* The electromagnetic wave is shielded so as to avoid electromagnetic radiation .
* Contain high-purity nicotine, designed based on the WHO-recommended Nicotine Replacement
* Therapy;enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully.
* The nicotine content per atomized cartridge is less than that of 20 ordinary cigarettes, and the state of
* discontinuous liquid supply specially designed prevents smokers from smoking continuously by this
* device, thus, reducing the use frequency and protecting the smokers'health.
* Working temperature:ambient temperature from-50C to 420C, with a wide serviceable range.
* Product size: 103mm

* E-Cigarettte siaze:L102.5*D9.2MM
* Gift box size:L160*W136*H30MM
* Other color and patterns available for the E-cigarette.
* Different flavor and strength of cartridges can be choose from, like traditional tobacco, Marlboro, menthol, all kinds of fruit flavour.
* The nicotine strengh can be chose for each flavour as: high, medium, low and no.

* 1*Charger&cable
* 6*Cartridges
* 2*rechargeable batteries
* 1*User's manual & Certificate of inspection

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  • Mini Cigarette (103mm)

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