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Final Cut Studio - DVD Studio - Videotraining - Ripple Training

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Learn DVD Studio Pro 4
Welcome to the world of professional DVD authoring. In this feature length tutorial you will harness the power of Apple's industrial-strength DVD authoring application DVD Studio Pro, to create titles that are on par with the best that Hollywood can offer. From the first few lessons, you will hit the ground running and author a fully functional DVD complete with a submenu and slideshow. From there, you'll build on that knowledge so that by the time you've completed lesson 16 you'll be confidently creating advanced motion menus, building scripts, encoding your video, creating weblinks, subtitles and preparing your DVD for mass distribution. In addtion, you will learn techniques and workflows that will literally save you hours of work. Below is just a sample of the topics covered on this DVD.
But isn't iDVD good enough?
The short answer is yes and no. iDVD is a wonderfully intuitive program that takes the headache out of creating simple DVDs. However at the end of the day, it's still a consumer application and as such does not have the rich tool set required by professionals. Take encoding for example. iDVD basically gives you two options for compressing your video. There are no allowances or advanced settings for movies that have a high degree of motion. Your movies basically get compressed with a ''once size fits all approach''. Another feature required by professionals is the ability to control the user experience through scripting. In DVD Studio Pro you can create simple scripts that tell the DVD Player what to do based on viewer or player conditions. For example, using a script you can have the DVD player play alternate versions of your menus each time your viewer returns to it. If you've watched any of the Star Wars DVDs, this is exactly how they are scripted to work.
What about alternate endings? Using DVD Studio Pro's ''Stories'' you can literally create director's cut endings or DVD's that function like the ''Choose Your Own Adventure'' children's books. DVD Studio Pro also gives you up to 8 audio streams, 9 video streams and 32 subtitle streams per track so you can create DVDs that can be watched and heard anywhere in the world. And these features only scratch the surface. In our DVD we go out of our way to cover these subjects and explain why they are important.
Fun with Gobbledygook
Let's face it, many industries have a lot of jargon, and the DVD industry is no exception. We like to call the jargon ''gobbledygook''. For the uninitiated, the gobbledygook can either be boring or intimidating or both. Therefore we approach the subject matter in the way we would prefer it explained to us - in plain english with no pretention, and lots of enthusiasm.
''Super Size'' Training
With the release of this DVD-ROM we are now offering a mega-wide screen movies. For those of you who have 23 or 30 inch Cinema Displays, you can open our mammoth 1600x1000 QuickTime movies for a truly cinemascopic experience.

Table of Contents

Working with the Palette
• Project Set Up
• Working in the Basic Layout
• The Palette
• Working with Templates
• The Styles Tab
• Using Button Styles
• Using Text Styles
• Using Drop Zones
• The Shapes Tab
• The Audio Tab
• The Stills Tab
• The Video Tab
DVD Authoring ''Quickstart''
• Creating and Saving Projects
• Setting Playback Standards
• Introduction to Menu Creation
• Using the Drop Palette
• Working in the Graphical View
• Using the Simulator
• Introduction to the Track Editor
• Adding and Modifying a Button Style
• Using Alignment Guides
• Adding a Menu Masthead
• Using the Inspector
• Adding Button Highlights
• Creating a Menu Template
• ''Wiring'' your DVD
• Creating Buttons from Scratch
• Burning a ''One-Off''
Customizing the Workspace
• Opening Saved Projects
• Layout Configurations
• The Asset View
• Importing Assets
• Organizing your Assets
• The Outline View
• The Log View
• Customizing the Toolbar
• Other Views
Tracks and Markers
• Track Editor View Toggles
• System vs. Elementary Streams
• Basic Editing
• Working with Chapter Markers
• Rules Governing Markers
• Marker Shortcuts
• Simulator Shortcuts
• Creating Marker Text Files
• Importing Marker Text Files
Working with Slideshows
• Creating a Slideshow
• Slideshow Preferences
• Moving and Deleting Slides
• Previewing your Changes
• Creating a Manual Advance Slideshow
• Adding Music to Slideshows
• Adding Narration to Slideshows
• Adding Transitions to Multiple Slides
• Adding Transitions to Single Slides
• Converting a Slideshow to a Track
• Creating Multiple Audio Stream Slideshows
Menus with Overlays
• Replacing the Background Video
• Saving a Text Style
• Working in the Menu Inspector
• Understanding Menu Loop Points
• Adjusting the Menu Loop Point
• Simulating the Loop Point
• The Anatomy of an Overlay
• Assigning the Overlay
• Creating Buttons
• Duplicating and Resizing Buttons
• Simple vs. Advanced Overlays
• Mapping the Buttons ''States''
• Simulating the Loop Point with Overlay
• Wiring up the Menu
Chapter Index Menus
• Creating ''General Purpose Buttons''
• Creating ''Special Purpose Buttons''
• Saving the Chapter Index Menu as a Template
• Applying the Chapter Index Menu to a Track
• Checking Menu Navigation
• Modifying the Menus
• Changing the Menu Duration
• Adding Multiple Audio Assets to the Menu
External Linking with DVD@ccess
• Including DVD-ROM Data
• Linking to Files on the DVD
• Building a Disc Image to Test the Links
• Testing DVD@ccess with the Apple DVD Player
• Creating a Web Link
• Creating a ''Down & Dirty Web Menu
• Assigning a Web Link to a Menu
• Creating a Menu Timeout
• Testing the Weblink with the Simulator
Adding Transitions
• 3 Types of Transitions
• Applying Standard Transitions to Menus
• Changing Transition Parameters
• Assigning Transitions to Buttons
• Applying Alpha Transitions
• Applying Video Transitions
• Using Transition Tracks
• Setting the Button Targets
• Setting the Target's End Jump
Creating Stories
• Understanding Stories
• Story Limitations
• Using the Story Editor
• The Source List
• The Entry List
• Editing the Story
• Wiring the Story
• Setting the Stream Options
Scripting 101
• Defining the Problem
• The Importance of Button Naming
• Adding and Naming the Script
• Understanding GPRMs
• Naming Your GPRMs
• Editing the Script
• Add a ''Last Item'' Command
• Understanding Conditional Statements
• Add a Compare Command to the Script
• Understanding Compare Commands
• Using the ''Start at Loop Point'' Command
• Adding More Command Lines
• Modifyiing Command Lines
• Adding an ''Escape Clause''
• Wiring the Buttons to the Script
• Assign the Script to the Title Button
• Test the Script
Working with Subtitles
• Creating Subtitles
• Editing Subtitles
• Subtitle Text Preferences
• Making Changes in the Subtitle Inspector
• Previewing Subtitles
• Forcing the Display
• Using a Graphic as a Subtitle
• Translate FCP Titles to DVD Subtitles
• Exporting Titles from Final Cut Pro
• TitleExchange Export Settings
• STL Files
• Importing a Subtitle File into DVD Studio Pro
• Understanding Language Settings
• How Languages Work
• Assigning Languages to a Stream
• Close Captioning

• Setting a First Play Action
• The Connections Tab
• Testing and Debugging
• Controlling User Operation
• Controlling Streams
• Controlling the Remote Control
• Setting the Returns
• Authoring Dual Layer DVDs
• Region Codes
• Protecting Your Content
• CSS - Content Scrambling System
• Macrovision
• Setting the Build Destination
• Burning
• Building and Formatting
• The Log Tab
• The Video Zone Files
• Building as a Separate Operation
• Incremental Builds
• Testing using Apple's DVD Player
• Formatting as a Separate Operation
• DVD Write Simulation
• Lossless Linking
• Outputting to a Hard Drive
• Using Disk Utility to Format DVDs
• DLT - Digital Linear Tape
• Replication vs. Duplication
Making it All Fit - Encoding
• Planning Your DVD
• DVD Studio Pro's ''Storyboard Tool''
• Bit Budgeting
• How Computers Count Sheep
• Understanding Bit Rates
• Bit Budget Calculators
• Exporting from Final Cut Pro
• Adding Chapter Markers
• Adding Compression Markers
• Exporting to Compressor
• Using the Batch Window
• Applying a Compression Preset
• System vs. Elementary Streams Revisited
• AIFF vs. Dolby
• File Naming Conventions
• Compressor vs. QuickTime Export from Final Cut
• Encoding using DVD Studio Pro
• Variable Bit Rate Encoding
• Background Encoding vs. Encode on Build
Working in HD and 16:9
• HD Workflow
• DVCPRO HD Workflow
• HDV Workflow
• Downconverting to HD to SD
• Working with 16:9 Assets
DVD Gobbledygook
• What is a DVD?
• DVD Logical Formats
• DVD Physical Formats
• DVD+R and DVD+RW
• DVD 5 (4.7GB) Features/Benefits
• DVD 9 (8.5 GB) Features/Benefits
• DVD 10 and DVD 18
• The DVD Specification
System Requirements
• MAC G4 867 or better
• MacOS X
• 8x or faster DVD ROM drive
• 256 megabytes or more of RAM
• QuickTime 7.0 or above
• Monitor Depth - Millions
• 1024 x 768 screen size or better

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