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Petition: End Psychopharmacology. Stop use of Forced Bio-Psychiatric 'treatments'

End Psychopharmacology. Stop use of Forced Bio-Psychiatric 'treatments'
von M Wajid, Bradford, Vereinigtes Königreich

Contrary to popular belief Lobotomies are still being given and forced onto patients. They are now called antipsychotic 'medication' and are seen by doctors worldwide as treatment when in fact they are just Chemical Lobotomies.

The use of Anti-psychotic (neuroleptic) drugs is increasing in adults and more disturbingly in children and becoming more widespread into other areas as they are given as medication to dementia patients and even sleep problems etc. as well as being forced onto anyone who is held under the Mental Health Act.

'VIRTUALLY ALL persons who go to psychiatrists are put on one or more drugs. However, psychiatric drugs, which are unpredictable and extremely deadly, do not cure anything, and instead destroy the life of the person who takes them.'

Bio-Psychiatric so called 'treatments' are used to harm and disable people by psychiatrist in nearly all parts of the world using coercion or force. They include psychiatric drugs such as Anti-psychotics (neuroleptics) and Anti-depressants also known as SSRI's.

We need a change in laws to stop brain destroying drugs being given and forced onto anyone in the name of 'treatment', even people who have been determined to lack mental capacity. In particular Bio-psychiatric 'treatments' which have no real scientific evidence base only false manipulated statistics and are the most harmful. ...

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