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Lease rights on the island of Brac.

Lease rights on the island of Brac, on the Croatian coast, for sale. Waterman Holiday


We offer timeshare for sale for the 35th week of every even year, an apartment for 8

person (number CO07). By purchasing you can enjoy the benefits until 2041.

Price: 5.200.000 HUF.

The Waterman Holiday Club located directly on the beach as part of a large resort

complex. Imagine a hotel complex, 150 000 sqm, mediterranean vegetation, pine

forest, olive-growing areas, surrounded by the crystal clear Adria. It is a paradise for

those looking for rest, Waterman Holiday Club is a unique destination, with beautiful

views of the Adriatic, white pebble beaches, bays and the huge mountains on the

mainland. The mediterranean-style buildings evoke the atmosphere of a small town

and creating a cozy atmosphere to ensure guests' comfort and carefree

relaxation.The meal is an essential part of the coastal recreation, what ensures the 2

restaurants of the complex. An atrium and a sea-view terrace restaurant are waiting

for the guests. The complex has two large and one small pool offers refreshment to

those who want instead of the sea, or just next to the freshwater bathing pleasures to

enjoy. Almost every day of the year, programs are orgonized for all ages. In addition

to the seasonal sports game programs, musical events and other common programs

provide entertainment. For enthusiasts of the water sports nothing is impossible here:

water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, pedalo. For the land sports enthusiasts: beach

volleyball, tennis, table tennis, mini golf, bowling, billiards, surf, play area is designed

for the smallest of the resort. The complex has two spa sections, one of which is

located in the Waterman Holiday Club. The resort is a unique place for all ages. What

is not common in the Dalmatian coast, this hotel is located at sea level, so there are

no steep cliffs that make the movement difficult for older or younger guests. The

whole complex sidewalks are built, they make it easier to transport people with some

handicap. The air-conditioned apartments of the Waterman Holiday Club satisfy

every need. Sophisticated equipment and the sunny Adriatic together they offer what

a person who want to relax expects.


Timeshare Universum Kft

1132 Budapest Victor Hugo u 11.-15. 2/203


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