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Position Title: Media Researcher
Department: Broadcast & Analysis Division
Location: Beijing
Reports to :Broadcast & Analysis Director

Overall Job Purpose: The individual in this role will be primarily responsible for reading, comprehending and analysing media articles. This step, called coding, is very important as the data generated at this stage is the basis of all subsequent analysis and is used in charts, tables and conclusions. Clients rely on the integrity of data that is presented within these reports. Media Researchers are expected to have sound understanding of media analysis methodology, systems and procedures. They will also undertake other tasks including content management and completing some introductory reports.

KEY Performance

1 Coding: Speed Good Performance Defined Weighting
• Coding and researching articles using the online system or other methods as required
• Finish coding tasks on a daily basis
• Finish coding all clips allocated within required deadline • Coding no less than 1,400 clips per month (3 filtered clips counted as 1 coded clip)
• With special projects, coding is 100% done within required deadline 25%

2 Coding: Quality Good Performance Defined Weighting
• Ensure all clips are coded following the coding instructions and in good quality
• Complying with all research standards and checking own coding
• Attending coding training and project briefing meeting(s) • Coding is done accurately without any complaint or recoding requirement from the client.
• High Analyst satisfaction as expressed in feedback and review meetings
• 100% of coding meets briefs
• 99% of articles researched- accurately as measured by Analyst/Supervisor/client 25%

3 Quality of English summary/Coder’s Notes Good Performance Defined Weighting
• Write English summaries in good quality of each clip coded as required by project coding guidelines
• Writing project notes (aka Coder’s Notes) during and/or after coding following instructions from Media Analyst
• No more than one complaint from client or Media Analyst is received on a monthly basis;
• Quality of English summary over clips coded is satisfactory, as measured by relevance, grammar,
• High quality notes provided to Analyst, as measured by relevance, grammar, examples 20%

4 Teamwork – assisting other Media Researchers & management Good performance defined Weighting
• Helping other researchers with problems
• Assisting when others are on deadlines or behind schedule
• Assisting with the training of new researchers/coders
• Assisting with running reports when required
• Carrying out content management activities including downloading , sorting and filtering content for a project (liasiing with monitoring agencies and client contacts if required)
• • Positive feedback from team
• Management satisfaction with overall performance and attitude (positive attitude required)
• Running quantitative reports accurately and on time
• Content is made available to researchers on time
• Content is as per parameters laid out by managing analyst 10%

Communication – regular and proactive communication Good performance defined Weighting
• Liaising fully and co-operatively with all staff
• Liaising with Managing Analyst and Media Analysis Manager before, during and after the project • Responsive and fast turnaround of requests from Analyst/ Analysis Manager
• Proactive communication 10%

Ensures compliance with Sentia Media values, policies and standards, and ensures compliance will all local statutory requirements. Good performance defined Weighting
• Complies with all local legislative requirements.
• Adheres to company policies and procedures and the corporate Code of Conduct.
• Where appropriate keeps up to date with legislative requirements through membership of industry organisations.
• Ensures personal adherence to workplace health and safety requirements and either addresses or brings to management’s attention when others are in breach of these requirements.
• Acts in an ethical way when dealing with company assets and other people.
• Gives full work support to manager which is reported to and other departments, and accepts temporary, urgent, additional and reasonable work assignment out of PD.
• Understands and complies with all company and legislative requirements.
• Can be relied upon to act respectfully and ethically. 10%


Position Title:Media Researcher
Education: Colleague degree or above
Technical Skills: Content/text analysis
Industry Experience :1-2 years
Management Skills:n/a
Personal Qualities:Dependable, integrity, well organized, punctual
Technology Skills :
Language Skills:English proficiency (TEM8 preferred); Second foreign Language proficiency
Communication Skills:Good written communication skills

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