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Spectro Scientific - What can be done to improve pollution control

Contamination control is one of the most important strategies for maintaining optimal lubricant performance. The grease will last exponentially longer if it is clean, cool and dry. The first step in controlling pollution is to determine which pollutants pose the greatest risk. Particulate matter, water and air are the most common pollutants.
Solid contaminants include dirt, metal due to internal wear and tear on the machine. Other problems may include glycol contamination, which can cause oil thickening and wear, along with fuel, which can accelerate oxidation and lead to thinning of the lubricating film. Depending on the application, even radiation can be a pollutant.
After identifying possible contaminants, their influence on the lubricant must be taken into account. These effects may vary depending on the contaminant, its concentration and the use of the lubricant. For example, particle contamination can lead to mechanical destruction of machine surfaces, such as abrasion and surface fatigue (pitting).
Air pollution can lead to oil compressibility, reduced film strength, cavitation and varnishing. Water contamination can affect lubricant additives as well as the machine. Moisture in the base oil can lead to oxidation and hydrolysis, which in turn changes the chemical composition of the lubricant. This can contribute to varnish formation, viscosity changes and acid formation, which can seriously affect the life of the machine.
Fortunately, the contaminants in the oil can be controlled using modern particle counters or even complete analytical complexes, such as the Minilab series minilabs. These minilabs include not only the LNF series particle counters, magnetometers (depending on the type of minilab), which can detect pollution by solid particles, but also the 1100 IR analyzer, which makes it possible to determine pollution by water, fuel and glycol.
Keep in mind that new oil does not mean pure oil. It is always necessary to check that the new oil has been filtered out before use, especially if checking on the Minilab series minilabs shows that it has an insufficient purity class. After grease is poured into the equipment, use proper breathers and free space management methods to maximize the protection of the grease from water, air and solid contaminants. Filter carts also provide a great way to keep the oil clean and efficient. These trolleys can be used to clean stored lubricants, for autonomous filtration, and even for washing machines.
Please note that contamination control before priming is as important as choosing the right lubricant for your application. In the end, it would be pointless to spend a lot of money on the best lubricant, if then you have to quickly replace it due to its unsuitable condition, which can cause significant harm to your equipment.
Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 ''The concept of'' Reliable equipment ''(developer Romanov Roman Alexandrovich, 921-757-90-51) and'' TOP-105 Fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnosis. The oil analysis method under operating conditions ”is carried out within five working days and lasting forty academic hours.

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