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Förderschule = Schools for Children with Special Educational Needs

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Drug-Related Crime at Schools for Children with Special Educational Needs!

There is something wrong at Hannover's schools for children with special educational needs. We have first graders there watching drug trafficking among their schoolmates. A young female pupil openly offers drugs to a c h i l d: ''You wanna try?'' She in turn gets the drugs from her boyfriend. And you think the school board members don't know it?

Jupp Joachimski, Judge of the Local Court, comments on the Narcotics Act. ''When there is an affirmative obligation to act in order to protect others, watching without intervening can be judged as mental support of the crime''.

Since the first amendment of the German Narcotics Act of 1971, the age at initiation of taking drugs among young people has dropped. At Hanover's schools for children with special educational needs even the youngest of children are misled into taking drugs. This criminal environment leaves little room for discipline and learning.

Judge Joachimski:

''This has caused the legislator to classify the direct surrender of drugs to youngsters and children and also its purpose for the use of trafficking as a crime.''

This will be your child's 'protected environment', if you trust your child in the hands of such a school!

Dr. Brigitte Schumann, a teacher herself, says appalled:

''The fact that schools for children with special educational needs are rather an unfavourable, less conserving or protective realm of experience for its pupils has also been proven by practical experience reports on pupils facing high risks of contact with hard drugs at such schools.''

A State, however, that tolerates such conditions and hence indirectly abets drug trafficking on such school premises, supports the principle: What the Public Pro´secutor doesn't know, won't bother him! - If you would like to know what types of drugs are used at schools by children and youngsters, please write to me.

Mr. Purschke with juridical support can spare your child of the evil of such a special school. Where drug trafficking is openly flourishing, crime is omnipresent. Do you really want this for your child, who was given up by cold-hearted elementary school board members and who will probably and permanently be discriminated against? Do you really want this?

Guiding principle of Professor Dr. Marek Fuchs:

''The more deviant the pupils' peer groups are, the more intensive are their drug contacts.''

Brian (6) s a v e d from Special School (''Förderschule''). The boy should have gone directly from the kindergarten to a school for children with special educational needs. The parents fought against this decision and contacted PURSCHKE.

Dietmar Purschke, 30952 Ronnenberg/Hannover

Phone: 05109 - 6525, daily from 08:30 - 20:00 hrs.

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