tornjak puppies

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We are reciving reservations for tornjak puppies registered by FCI.
The combination is very well chosen so that we could get characterly stable puppies. We want to be sure that those puppies suit closely to the standard of the breed.
The father of the puppies is black and white male with rich hair, the double Europian Champion, the Champion of Croatia and Hungary.
The mother is brown and white. She has quite successful show career. She has won the Cac, r.cac and bob candidacy .
Primary, those dogs are very kind and with stable character.
Their ancestors were very successful working dogs.
Tornjak is a very old breed whose intention was the animal keeping from predators.
Today people get tornjak because he's a family dog that announces arrival of the unknown visitor.
He has a very high tolerance which is very suitable for families with little kids.
But he can also be very brusque keeper of the house.
Our kennel is from Karlovac, the small town in the middle of Croatia
We are the owners of very successful dogs whose progeny already found their home all around the world.
We do not approach to the dog breeding commercially.
We don't live from the dogs, we live with the dogs .
Our dogs are the family members and we give them everything we can to make therir life more beautiful.
We do recieve reservations.
For all other questions and informations contact us via e-

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Alter: Welpen
Geschlecht: Rüde
Kastriert / Sterilisiert: Nein
Kinderlieb: kommt gut mit Kindern zurecht
Reinrassig: Mischling
Stammbaum: Stammbaum vorhanden
Tierlieb: problemlose Haltung zusammen mit anderen Tieren
  • 500 € Festpreis
  • Diese Anzeige ist bereits abgelaufen, deshalb ist leider keine Kontaktaufnahme möglich.
  • 47000 Karlovac
    Routenplaner / Anfahrt
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