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10. Installation of bearings BALTECH HI-1612, heating the two bearings at the same time

Induction heater BALTECH HI-1612 series Induction Heater is a new unique development has no analogues on the market. This induction heater for simultaneous heating of two bearings has two built-in magnetic inductor (core) in a single housing that distinguishes our solution from all available induction heaters on the market. This induction heater has a power 220V, easy replaceable fuse and low power consumption, making it available for widespread use. In control panel, induction heater has an indicator displaying the current (specified) temperature, which is controlled by a temperature sensor with feedback to shut off when the preset temperature is indicated by an audible buzzer). If the induction heater heats the part (bearing, coupling, ring gear) at the time or in the prescribed temperature, it will keep the temperature even, if You forget to turn it off. Unlike other induction heaters all our models has the function of demagnetization after heating of parts. Induction heater BALTECH HI-1612 can be heated to 240C. the Heating of the parts can be performed both in vertical and in horizontal position. Remember that the installation of bearings should be performed at a temperature of +120...+125C.
Induction heater bearings BALTECH HI-1612 is a constructive modification of the heater BALTECH HI-1610 with two cores, which allows to install 2 parts simultaneously to heat and to save time on this technological operation in the Assembly of gearboxes, motors and other mechanisms. If You do not need to use two inductors, you can disable the second core and use the induction heater as a standard product. The same technical characteristics BALTECH HI-1610.
Induction heater BALTECH HI -1612 includes:
1. Building (induction heater)
2. Temperature sensor
3. Cores (10х10х150мм, 14х14х150мм, 20х20х150мм, 30х30х150мм, 40х40х150мм)
4. Heat-resistant gloves
5. Grease
6. The user manual
7. Packaging
8. Additional core - to-order
9. Transport trolley on request

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