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5. Service the turbines, turbine diagnostics, maintenance turbine – portable devices BALTECH

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine industry without gas and steam turbines. Especially, widely used gas turbine in the fuel and energy complex, which are intended for transportation of gas, generate electricity and thermal energy in the composition of power plants, oil pumping, etc. Every year the number of gas turbine units increases, respectively, the question arises in the service of gas turbines. Service turbine (turbine service) is one of the key factors in their life cycle, as most turbines are designed for continuous work cycle.
Professional service turbines requires a preliminary stages. Should be the correct installation, in accordance with the requirements of design and technological documentation, control Assembly, and proper operation. The provision of these rules will allow you to work steadily throughout the overhaul interval on the established modes. The service should be administered by qualified professionals, carried out inspection and diagnosis.
One of the important parameters of control and diagnostics of turbine is the temperature. Fever may be caused by damage to the turbines, seals, bearings, and diaphragms. The temperature must be controlled contact or contactless means of measurement, except stationary temperature sensors (thermocouples), we recommend the use of functional innovative thermal cameras BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro (ThermaRed).
When the services and diagnosis of turbines should pay attention to the noise and vibration. The bumps, noise and chatter can be caused due to breakage of the blades or their grazing. Such periodic services (diagnostics) must perform with portable devices BALTECH VP-3470 is a device for diagnostics of pumps, compressors and turbine that will determine the formation of defects at a very early stage of their occurrence or the CSI 2140 is a 4-channel analyzer with standard accessories (including program Analysis, Route, Cascade, and extra battery with the charging station) and the ability to connect staff proximitron. Proximetry (inductive sensors) register the relative displacement of the turbine shaft relative to the housing (prop). On the trajectory of the axis of the rotor to determine the type of defect in the whole of the turbine unit and to perform operational service of the turbines.
Another factor that is important in the service of the turbines is the control of alignment of the axes of the shafts. It is necessary to control alignment of the turbine flow during its repair, installation or after scheduled repairs. Proper and accurate placing of the turbines is carried out using the system BALTECH LL-9110 «LaserLevel». Also under control must be position of the rotor and the stator, the installation of which is performed using alignment systems BALTECH SA-4300 alignment and calibrated plates BALTECH-23458N (new). If not to carry out an accurate alignment, it can undergo interference, which will trigger the pads of the thrust bearing.
The oil system ensures the reliability of the turbine and auxiliary equipment. Basic conditions of proper operation is to control lubrication. Professionals should always carry out the oil service and control its parameters. It is also unacceptable to cause oil starvation of the equipment. You need to constantly monitor the dielectric constant of the oil using the tester BALTECH OA-5000.
If you are interested in more information on maintenance of turbines and analysis of oils, as well as you want to practice to perform the vibration analysis, thermography and tribodiagnostics turbine units, then we invite you to our educational courses in Germany (lübeck) TOP-101, TOP-102 or the seminar ''Reliability Technologies'' .

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