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Misalignment is a non coincidence of axes of two shafts or holes, BALTECH GmbH

Misalignment is a non coincidence of axes of two shafts or holes, ie, their deviation from a common axis. In practice, misalignment occurs when the alignment tolerances are exceeded. The alignment tolerances are defined by two parameters - the angular misalignment and offset. In practice, most often a mixed misalignment occurs. To perform the alignment we recommend using a new electronic and mechanical system BALTECH SA-4300.
The alignment tolerances are set by equipment manufacturers. If there are no manufacturer’s alignment tolerances, the recommended international alignment tolerances can be used.

The misalignment can be determined by using mechanical or laser alignment systems, or based on the results of non-destructive testing - vibration diagnostics and thermal control.

Misalignment is one of the common reasons of reducing repair interval. It occurs not only as a result of improper mounting or incorrect calculations but also during normal operation of the equipment (turbines, compressors, pumps, exhausters, mills, crushers, fans, gearboxes, continuous casting machines).

For example, frame warping leads to the misalignment of the equipment mounted on it, uneven wear of the bearing units also results in misalignment, etc.

Misalignment occurs during the equipment operation and depending on the equipment type and mode of operation it is necessary to produce alignment control from once a month to once a year. If you use the BALTECH VP-3410 Series vibrometer and measure the vibration in three mutually perpendicular directions (vertical, horizontal and axial), you can identify misalignment. It usually occurs in the axial (axial) direction in case of the angular misalignment and in radial direction in case of the offset. We recommend that all technical specialists should receive attend the training course TOP- 103 to receive the training.

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