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BALTECH-23458N, alignment tool, Maschine Ausrichtung, Wellenausrichtung Methoden

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BALTECH-23458N, alignment tool, machine alignment, shaft alignment methods

To perform the precise alignment you can use the new alignment system BALTECH SA-4300 and explosion-proof alignment system BALTECH SA-4200. All our new devices for shaft alignment, half couplings and pulleys are supplied with the calibrated alignment shims BALTECH-23458N (BALTECH-Small) Series. Marking «N» is New. These shims have replaced outdated sets BALTECH-12347.

Remember that the shaft alignment should be performed using the BALTECH-23458N Series. The new calibrated shims BALTECH-23458N (New) Series are designed for alignment of machines of all sizes and for all the alignment methods. Our company recommends using the improved sets of the shims of the first class of accuracy for use during the installation, repair and adjustment works. The shims are used during the alignment of pumps, motors, exhausters, cooling towers, extruders, rolling mills, paper machines, compressors, exhaust fans, blowers, fans, gear, turbine units.
The standard set of the calibrated shims are U-shaped with facilitates selection of the required thickness of the shims. Each shim has:
• Unique shape;
• Marking;
• BALTECH transportation cases;
• Ergonomic boxes (are required for the sets BALTECH-2N, BALTECH-3N, BALTECH-4N, BALTECH-5N, BALTECH-8N, BALTECH-Small).

Order processing and delivery
The delivery time to any region of Germany, Latin America, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries is approximately 2-4 days, because a large assortment of these products are available in St. Petersburg and Germany, in our warehouses. The new alignment shims are made of special resistant material that ensures the reliable operation. The surface of the shims also has excellent quality, which makes it possible to eliminate damping of the machines.
BALTECH offers steel shims for shaft alignment in six kinds of sizes. The shims are used for the following shaft alignment methods - radial-axial and reverse indicators:
• BALTECH-2N, 2х2 inches (50х5mm);
• BALTECH-3N, 3х3 inches (75х75 mm);
• BALTECH-4N, 4х4 inches (100х100 mm);
• BALTECH-5N, 5х5 inches (125х125 mm);
• BALTECH-8N, 8х8 inches (200х200 mm);
• BALTECH-Small (35х35 mm).
The thickness of the shims is specified in millimeters or inches, and the width of the anchor is specified in the table on the website. There are 12 thicknesses:
1. 0.05 mm - 0.002”;
2. 0.075 mm - 0.003”;
3. 0.10 mm - 0.004”;
4. 0.125 mm - 0.005”;
5. 0.20 mm - 0.008”;
6. 0.25 mm - 0.010”;
7. 0.40 mm - 0.015”;
8. 0.50 mm - 0.020”;
9. 0.70 mm - 0.027”;
10. 1.00 mm - 0.039”;
11. 2.00 mm - 0.079”;
12. 3.00 mm - 0.118”.
Packing of the alignment shims BALTECH-23458N.
The shims BALTECH-23458N are packed in 10 pieces in laminated blisters marked with part numbers and sizes. Upon your request we can deliver you the shims in the sizes required for you.
We can supply the sets of the alignment shims (alignment tool) in the transportation cases of three types developed by BALTECH. The cases are marked with special stickers which allow you to identify the types of the shims without opening the case.
We invite you to our seminars ''Alignment tool'', ''Machine alignment'', ''Methods of alignment of the shafts and pulleys.''

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