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BALTECH-23458N-Metallplatten kalibriert

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BALTECH-23458N - metal plates calibrated liner to center

New metal plate for centering motors series BALTECH-23458N many years used in energy, metallurgy, engineering, food and chemical industries. Calibrated lining to center is very important for precise shaft alignment machines. Quality metal and high accuracy allow any technician to repair the car in a short time. Lightweight plastic case makes it easy to transport heavy plates. All the required thickness and size of the calibrated shims to center you can order the company BALTECH GmbH in one day. Delivery from Germany and the United States carried out in any country quickly. If you are using several case studies with different sizes of plates, you do not need to open them and watch you take the right set or not. At each briefcase labeled size plates, which is inside the case. When you open the on-site case, all thickness and dimensions are on a rigid panel. All that we have done to reduce time and errors in the alignment equipment.

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