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BALTECH-23458N-kalibriertes Futter für Zentriermas

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BALTECH-23458N - calibrated lining for centering machines and equipment

Calibrated lining BALTECH-23458N centering machines and industrial equipment is top notch. Packing plates is possible as in the case, easy to transport and work on alignment and in laminated packs of ten pieces each thickness pads. Good quality pads BALTECH-23458N provides reliable installation of the machine and the quality of our material calibrated pads ensures a great time operation. If you are interested in our pads permanently, we will always keep them in our warehouse and as your need to ship to any country. Our company is always glad to cooperate with the service and repair companies and departments of industrial enterprises in all industries. Remember that self-made lining always lead you to a bad result. It is always recommended to use no more than 3-5 pads calibrated during the alignment machine. Before centering is recommended to replace the bearings and check their quality using a stand BALTECH BCM (bearing check machine). Balancing shafts and rotors in their own bearings in place, we recommend using our portable device BALTECH VP-3470. BALTECH Company has vast experience in ensuring the reliability of rotating equipment.
Reliability technologies - a concept developed by the company BALTECH for rotary and rotary machines of your company.

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