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The jammer can effectively shield the microwave signal between the radio and the mobile phone

In order to buy a jammer, in addition to the gsm network, you also need to shield the signal type, such as whether you need to shield the 3G and 4G network frequency bands. In this way, you can buy a cell phone blocker that blocks all cell phone signals. In addition, since you have purchased electronic interference equipment, you need to consider where to use it. Portable jammers are convenient for indoor and outdoor use, and desktop jammers use multiple antenna designs. As the name suggests, it will be widely used not only in individuals, but also in prisons, courts and other large venues. It has a wider interference range and more types of signal shielding.

I want to avoid Wi-Fi and enjoy life, but in today's society, will it be difficult? Of course, this seems difficult. In the United States, some cities prohibit the use of devices that emit radio waves, such as mobile phones and routers, where people with allergies to electromagnetic waves are said to be gathered there. It may be necessary to establish cities in cities where the use of radio waves is prohibited. Or why not buy and build a soundproof box or something, and paste materials that block electromagnetic waves inside or outside the box? By the way, electromagnetic waves have an ''ionization effect'' that can generate positive and negative charges on the material they strike. Therefore, the radio can listen to music, and the TV antenna generates electricity, and by zooming in, you can watch news and drama on the LCD screen.

Radio jammer If the mobile phone emits interference radio waves of the frequency used, it will interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so it can reliably prevent ringtones emitted by all mobile phones in the conference venue (however, unnecessary mobile phone alarms cannot be avoided. For the same reason, in The same effect can be expected in hospitals where quiet patients need rest. If the best protection is needed, external communication can be prevented and information leakage can be prevented. Jammers If the mobile phone emits an interference wave of the frequency used, it will interfere with the movement Telephone communication can therefore reliably prevent ringing of all mobile phones in the venue. However, it cannot prevent alarms from mobile phones that do not need to communicate. For the same reason, in hospitals that require quiet rest, similar effects are expected In addition, when strict protection of confidential information is required in data centers, etc., it is possible to prevent communication with the outside and prevent information leakage.

GPS jammer At this time, the role of the GPS jammer disappears, and one day it will interfere with the GPS placed in your body, so the GPS cannot detect the signal, and people with a heart can obtain your location information. You can protect yourself from being blocked. I think it is very necessary to buy women's radio wave jammers. Moreover, it is a small mobile phone, the price is not high.

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  • The jammer can effectively shield the microwave signal between the radio and the mobile phone

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