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Encyclopedia of Migration

This International Encyclopedia of Migration will define and explicate terms, concepts and key topics with widespread usage and recurring relevance for learning about and developing the fields of both international and internal migration. With migration being partly defined in the modern era by law and public policy, the subject includes knowledge not only from these areas but also from a full array of academic disciplines. Hence, this encyclopedia will include material from such fields as anthropology, archaeology, criminology, demography, economics, education, ethnic studies, geography, health sciences, history, law, linguistics, public policy, political science, psychology and sociology. As migration has been such an important part of the peopling of all parts of the world, this encyclopedia will also include synopses of major geographic movements from ancient and early history. The International Encyclopedia of Migration will be a significant resource for students, teachers, practitioners, scholars and researchers interested in or working on any aspect of migration in any field. It should be particularly useful for people seeking information and knowledge about migration from fields other than their own. Dr. Bean is a social scientist with 35 years of experience as a researcher, teacher, administrator and public policy analyst. His PhD is in sociology and his dissertation was written in social psychology. As a graduate student at Duke University, in addition to his work in sociology and social psychology (with Alan C. Kerckhoff, Kurt Back and Edward E. Jones), he took courses in demography and worked on research projects for three distinguished demographers (Reynolds Farley, Nathan Keyfitz and Hal Winsborough), all of whom subsequently became foundational leaders in population studies at prestigious universities in the United States (Michigan, Harvard and Wisconsin respectively). As the founding Director of both the Population Studies Center and the Immigration Policy Research Center at The Urban Institute in Washington, DC, Dr. Bean has also conducted work in and developed extensive knowledge about the economics of population and migration. He is currently Chancellors Professor of Sociology and Economics at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Brown is a tenured Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine. She is a sociologist/demographer whose areas of specialization are immigration, residential segregation and urban sociology. As a result of conducting research in these areas, she has also developed considerable expertise in geography and urban policy. In addition to her academic and research specializations, she also brings more than fifteen years of journalistic experience as a reporter and editor starting when she was on the staff of the Harvard Crimson and including nearly twelve years with the St. Louis-Post Dispatch.

Der Autor dieses Buches ist Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown.
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  • Encyclopedia of Migration

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