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Gitarrenunterricht / Rock guitar lessons

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I offer here rock guitar lessons for everyone - from beginners to advanced players. It's written ''Rock guitar'' but actually these lessons are about all the basic technics for guitar. In other words - you can play in any style using this technics.
My conception of lessons is new for Germany. One of the features is that lesson lasts at least 2 hours. In fact even 2 hours are not enough for most students.
I live more than one year in Germany and i've never seen here any young guitarist who is able to play riffs good. Without ability to play riffs it's impossible to find a real job, because 95% of time on stage any guitarist must play accompaniment or riffs and only 5% - solo parts.
My students are ''ready to work'' in any music style!

My lessons are not really cheap, but it works good.
Once in a week, 2-4 hours, the lenght is individual.
I make an accent on riffs, alternate picking, timing, funk technics, chords voicing, relative pitch feeling. I can show you how to play fast but it's not the point.

Currently i play in two bands: Beatsafari (Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae) and Freak (Rock, Heavy Metal). I worked with some pop and cover bands as well as a session guitarist in the studio and on stage.
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