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SMD-Bestückungsautomat (gebraucht)

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Typ: Juki
Model: ASM 800
Baujahr: 1992
Elektr. Daten: 220V / 50Hz
Zubehör: ca. 100 Feeder mit Handlingwagen
Garantie: Keine
Transport: muss abgeholt werden
Bemerkung: seit längerem nicht mehr in Funktion.
Detailierte Beschreibung:
This system is a multi-purpose mounting machine for surface mounting devices (SMD), capable of handling component packaging such as tapes and matrix trays.
lt handles various components, ranging from extremely small chips to large components, SOP, and QFP with extremely small lead pitch.
Model 2 employs board and component position correction units using visual recognition thus enabling high precision component placement.
The large number of options enables highly effective production and the easy-to-operate software greatly facilitates the operation of the system.
1.1 Features
Handles Various Production Type
•Two sets of universal heads enable the placement of various types of components, ranging from
extremely small chips of 1.0 x 0.5 mm to large QFPs of  33.5 mm size and 0.5 mm lead pitch.
•Up to 80 kinds of feeder can be installed.
•Feeders are installed an feeder carriers at the front and rear sides of the system, and they can be replaced altogether by replacing the individual feeder carrier, reducing set-up time.
•Up to 20 different types of trays can be accommodated in the matrix tray changer and can be ex¬changed quickly and easily by the built-in controller.
High Precision Placement
•Placement accuracy is ± 0.1 mm if visual recognition is not used. Using visual recognition enables high precision placement of ± 0.06 mm.
•The XY unit is controlled by an AC servo system which minimizes vibration and noise. This has enabled high speed, high precision placement.
Easy to Operate
•User friendly software environment for easy operation
•Easy to operate panel and display through utilization of extemal programming unit.
•Easy pick and placement position teach-in operation through an optional video camera
Various Options
•A wide range of options enables advanced assembly operation with multiple functionälism.
•Use of optional host computer optimizes feeder positioning process and enables control of multiple systems in group.
•Up grading the system by adding options later

1.2 System Configuration
EPU (external programming unit)
Operation panel Keyboard
HOD (Hand held Operation device) L Display
PWB transport system (print wired board)
XY positioning system
Assembly head Teach-in spot
L ATC (automatic tool changer)
MS controller (machine station)
Tri-colored signal light
Safety cover
Emergency stop button
Pneumatic device
Feeder bank Tape cutter
Weste tape reject unit
BOC (board offset correction unit) with teach-in Camera Function
TLC (touchless centering unit) <Component position correction›

1.3 Mechanical Specifications
•Placement Accuracy
Positioning Method Absolute Accuracy Repetition
Mechanical centering ± 0.1 mm ± 0.08 mm
Touchless centering (Visual recognition) ± 0.06 mm ±0.04 mm

•Placement Cycle Time
Positioning Method Placement Cycle Time Head Travel Distance
Mechanical centering 3600 components/hour
•-., 1.0 sec/component 120 mm
Touchless centering (Visual recognition) 900 components/hour — 4.0 sec/component Note: The tray is set at position 2, the compo¬nent located at the far end of the first row is picked up, then placed at X=160mm and Y=120mm an the PWB from the TLC
unit alter TLC recognition correction. But BOC time is not included.

•Minimum Setting Placement Angle
0.25° intervals
•Auto Tool Changer
A maximum of 10 nozzles can be installed.
•System Measurements and Weight
W: 1410 mm
1702 mm (Including the PWB transport system)
D: 1485 mm H: 1440 mm
1623 mm (Including the CRT)
When transfer height is 900 mm
Model 1: 1250 kg
Model 2: 1280 kg (Including the BOC and TLC units)
Tape cutter is not included.
•Operational Air
Air Pressure : 5 ± 0.5 kgf/cm2
Consumption : 150 NI/min
Dry Air Atmospheric dew point: —17°C or lower
Working Temperature : +10 to +35°C
Humidity : 50 % RH or lower (at 35°C)
90 % RH or lower (at 20°C)
Transportation or Storage
Temperature : —25 to +70°C
Humidity : 20 to 95 % RH (No condensation allowed)

1.4 Electrical Specifications
• Control Method
Item Control Method Resolution
X-Y Cbsed loop method by AC servo motor 0.01 mm
Z Semi-Closed loop method by DC servo motor 0.1 mm
0 Open loop method by stepping motor 0.25°
Touchless centering 0 Semi-closed loop method by DC servo motor 0.02°

• Main Unit CPU
• CRT Display
9'' monochrome CRT, selectable for character data and image display
• Data and Program Input/Output Method
Data are entered manually from the Operation panel or external programming unit. The external programming unit and the main unit are interfaced through EIA RS-232C.
• Printer Interface
Centronics interface
• Placement Points
MAX. 2000 points, can be divided into 8 programs.
• Power Supply
Voltage Single phase 200VAC (Selectable)
Consumption 2.2 kVA
Frequency 50/60 Hz

1.5 Components and Component Packaging
Applicable Component Size
•Height : Max. 6 mm
•Size : Min. 1.0 x 0.5 mm
Max.  33.5 mm
•Lead pitch : Min. 0.8 mm (When handled by mechanical centering)
Min. 0.5 mm (When handled by touchless centering)
Packaging Type Component Size *1 EIAJ *2JEDEC
Taping Chip R, C, L min. 1.0 x 0.5 mm RC-2690A RC-3402 RC-3813
Melf R, C, L Diode 0 1 x 2 mm
01.4 x 3.5 mm
02.2 x 5.9 mm RC-8002
RC-8011 D0-213
SOT Tr Mini-mold Tr
Mini-power Tr
SOT-89 SD-74-2 SC-59
SC-62 T0-236
Taping Stick SOP IC 8 pin - 28 pin IC-74-2 MS-012
PLCC IC 18 pin - 84 pin (max.  30.3 mm) M0-047
Matrix Tray QFP IC Size:
min.  10 mm max.  33.5 mm IC-74-4
min. 7mm
(mold section) max. 33.5mm (extemal shape)
Taping Stick Non-Chip Trimmer Capacitor Height:
max. 6 mm
max.  30 mm

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