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HD 8 channels Network Video Recorder(NVR) APM-N1008

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High definition 8-channel Network Video Recorders (NVR)
8 channel real time 720P high definition signal input. Or, 8 channel MJ video signal input.
8 channel high definition megapixel preview and record.
4channel high definition 720P playback synchronously.
The first NVR in the market that supports synchronous input of 720P signal and MJ signal.
The preview window can be adjusted and shifted freely, without alteration of cable connections.
User interface and menus inherits MS WINDOWS,which can be dragged and pulled freely.
Preview and playback window can 15 X zoom in by mouse wheel and pulled freely by mouse dragging.
Snapshot picture is instantly visible because it is saved into the hard disk via a private route.
In the playback UI, the time bar can be zoomed in to set an accurate playback time.
Video any be recorded by any time period, at an accuracy to one second.
Support backup by flash disk and USB mobile disk.
3G/WIFI function is optional.
Single disk support maximum 3TB capacity by SATA connection.
Support different screen size, can adapt to 4:3 and 16:9 screen monitors.
Support IE, Safari, Firefox, Google chrome and other standard browsers.

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  • HD 8 channels Network Video Recorder(NVR) APM-N1008

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