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Service-living Property as an Investment in Germany

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Real Estate in Germany is an investment, that holds its value, is profitable and sustainable. This investment is currently very lucrative. Low interest rates in Germany, tax benefits and favourable purchase prices combined with an emerging market provide investors with above average secure return.
Safe investment, we offer the following features:
* Maintenance/renovation/reconstruction of the property will only be performed by the operating company.
The operators that manage the property are usually large companies with 12-25 years of experience.
* Long-term rental-income of 20 years plus 2 x 5 years as an option.
* Appreciation potential through long-term increasing demand of
service-living properties in Germany.
* You are the registered owner in the land register.
* Return: 6% p.a. plus interest rate advantage and AfA.
* The rent will be paid even in case of vacancy.
More photos you will see here:
Investment from EUR 125,500.00 - 5 Mio. EUR
+ 3% commission plus transfer tax and legal expenses.

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