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BTP To Go: SAT Prep Talk, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 169min

Part motivation, part preparation, SAT Prep Talk gives you the tools and techniques to conquer the new SAT. Best of all, it"s downloadable, so you can take it anywhere!
With BTP To Go"s SAT Prep Talk you"ll Conquer test anxiety by knowing exactly what lies ahead of you Discover strategies for using the design of the test to your advantage Find out what it takes to write a great essay Learn the criteria and guidelines used by those scoring your essay Learn tips and techniques for tackling each of the eight SAT question types Maximize your score by knowing when and how to guess
In the first Prep Talk you will learn about the test itself. After a brief overview and history, the talk will discuss the three sections of the SAT (Math, Critical Reading, and Writing), as well as the timing, organization, and scoring for each section. In the second half of the lesson, the eight SAT question types will be introduced, including appropriate strategies for each.
The second Prep Talk teaches you general strategies for taking the SAT. This motivational talk covers the three areas of preparation: 1) Attitude, 2) Familiarity with the Test, and 3) Studying and Practice. It also provides tips for conquering anxiety both before and during the test.
The third Prep Talk focuses on the most feared section of the New SAT Reasoning Test: the Essay. This talk takes you through the process of writing an SAT Essay, step-by-step, teaching you the skills and techniques you will need to write an organized and cohesive essay. Additionally, it includes pointers for making your writing powerful, precise, and engaging, while avoiding common writing errors. Lastly, we will take a "behind the scenes" look at the criteria and guidelines used by those reading and scoring your essay. 1. Language: English. Narrator: uncredited. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

Alle Leser und Hörer, die sich für die Themen Math, Critical Reading, Writing, SATs, S.A.T. sowie Test Prep bzw. allgemein für Geschichten von Boston Test Prep interessieren, werden dieses Hörbuch lieben!

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  • BTP To Go: SAT Prep Talk, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 169min

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